Homeward Bound

It seems I find myself in  the time of life the Tarot refers to as ‘the return journey’. Basically, the first forty or so years of life are ‘the outward journey’, and then you take all you’ve learned on that outward journey and try to work it out on the return journey.

But as I head home I’m finding what many before me have also found; that the irony is that it’s the things that happened to you and formed who you’ve become up until that point which you have to shed, like a skin you’ve outgrown. It’s a time for letting go of old patterns and ways of being, stepping into the unknown and trusting. And it’s  not comfortable at all! There are fortunate people who haven’t had childhood trauma to overcome, but most of us have, and fallout from this looms large on the return journey.

I watch people. I see them get to this point and one of two things happens. They either reach some kind of crisis involving health, relationships or both, do a lot of soul-searching, do some healthy, but quite confronting change and emerge better for it, or they hide from the unknown  and stay in the familiar, settle for less because it’s ‘safe’ and wither. These are the ones who become ‘old’ in their thinking. They think themselves into ‘old’- way before their time.

To complete the return journey effectively means affecting change in our lives, and that requires a great deal of courage. It’s not a trip for the faint-hearted! It’s our very ways of being in the world that we are called upon to examine and change, and that means that we often have to discover who we really are. And that is probably the most scary thing anyone has to deal with! Maya Angelou referred to courage as the most important of all the virtues, because she said that ‘without it you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage’.  The truth of this is never more evident than on the return journey.

Will it involve pain?  Most definitely!  Will it be fun?  No!  Will it be beneficial?  In the long run, incredibly so if you are brutally honest with yourself and are willing to do some soul-searching.  You have to be willing to look at your shadow as well as your light, and to be really honest about that which you’ve tried to keep hidden all these years…even from yourself.   And you have to be willing to do what Julia Cameron refers to in her book ‘The Artist’s Way’ as ‘paying attention’.  She writes:

‘In times of pain, when the future is too terrifying to contemplate and the past too painful to remember, I have learned to pay attention to right now’.

We all speak of ‘growing pains’ when children are maturing, but it’s the same thing…only this time it’s emotional growing pains!

Meditation gurus and spiritual teachers  encourage us to live ‘in the moment’, which is what Julia is talking about, but I think it’s also an aspect of what Jesus spoke of when he stated that we need to receive ‘the kingdom’ like a child. But that’s the same ‘kingdom’ that he also said ‘is within you’. (Julia also says a LOT about nurturing the inner child…no coincidence. It’s also no coincidence that creativity plays a huge part in coming home to the heart.)  And there’s a certain element of allowing.  This means getting out of the mentality of doing, and just being.  There are times when I actually have to force myself to stop, sit with my feelings, breathe deeply and not do anything!   My egoic mind protests. It keeps coming up with innumerable small errands to keep me busy, but I’m learning to resist!

All this time on the outward journey many of us build up an elaborate facade that’s a projection of our egoic/rational minds. It makes sense to me that the return journey is about dropping facades, being here and now and becoming childlike in doing away with the guile with which we’ve learned to survive, so that, with all the wisdom we’ve gained from living, we can really live as we were designed to….accessing the divine (kingdom) within. It also means learning to get out of our heads and into our hearts…to attempt to live from the true self instead of the egoic self…that intuitive part that Einstein called ‘the sacred gift’.  At any given moment, in any situation I have to change the ‘programme’ I’ve been running from ‘What do I think about this?’ to ‘How am I feeling about this, and what is that telling me about how I should move forward?’

This takes practice! I was so good at living from my mind! I had feelings I never acknowledged, because I thought I just had to ‘soldier on’ and ignore those pesky feelings and they’d go away!  I used many methods to avoid them…retail therapy, phoning friends to talk instead of just being with my feelings, watching movies to distract myself, especially if I found myself alone.  These are very female ones, but men have their own. (And you know the ones you use). Now all of a sudden I’m having to feel.  Scary!  And act  on those feelings…even scarier!  Not in my comfort zone at all! The good bit is that to be child-like you have to be able to play, but if you’ve become a serious adult it sometimes takes a lot of encouragement to coax your inner child out to play again. (The Artist’s Way is an excellent course to do to honour the inner child).

The Heartmath Institute has done some rather wonderful research about living in ‘heart-brain coherence’, and how beneficial it is for us in every way. Basically it means having your heart and brain aligned with each other. I think this is actually what Einstein meant when he said the rational mind is the faithful servant and the intuitive mind is the sacred gift. If we live with the balance this way around our heart and brain are coherent…working together, whereas if we live from the ego the heart doesn’t get a look-in!  The intuition (heart) is the part that’s designed to be in charge…not the brain. Aren’t little children more like this?  And don’t they just trust that everything will be ok?  They don’t try to control!

George Bernard Shaw said:

‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything’.

If you think you need some help, the work of Dr Joe Dispenza is invaluable.  I encourage you to read his books and attend his workshops, and watch Youtube videos of Dr Joseph Liberman. The good bit is that he reckons light (life) is seeking us!

So have courage and tune into your heart.  You are not, as your greatest fear asserts ‘unutterably alone’, as Rilke puts it.  When you tune into your heart, ‘pay attention’ and become as a child, you open a world of connection to something so wonderful it defies description…the divine within.

Rumi puts it beautifully:

Weary and consumed by longing I was caressed by my beloved last night.
My wounded soul was set free when I tasted the sweetness of love.
My spirit was lifted at once.
I surrendered my life while overflowing with joy, and my vision was filled with light.
Love said ‘Don’t feel so hopeless my weary and gloomy one for my generosity is beyond forgetting those devoted to me.
See how boundless divine justice can be.
Behold my immeasurable kindness’!

Love embraced my spirit, and all my doubts vanished at once.IMG_0029
A new and glorious robe of honour was placed upon my shoulders.
Love offered me the power of new vision
and the transforming touch of divine generosity
and placed the chalice of eternal wine in my hand.



That pesky ‘R’word

There is a lot of talk of ascension lately, but what does it actually mean?

If you are over a certain age you probably know someone who has died as a result of the foibles of his or her personality.  Someone who pushed physical boundaries continually may have done it once too often, someone who was always too proud or independent to ask for help may passed on because of it, and for someone else habitual fear or anger may have caused terminal disease.  The possibilities are as limitless as the number of people on the earth.

So if you are observant you have probably realised that in this lifetime we are here to overcome  our personalities.  There is, however,  so much more to it…and it involves us taking full responsibility (there’s that word!) not only for our actions, but for our own physical and emotional health and spiritual growth.  Many of us don’t really want to hear that!  We are stuck in our old patterns of relating to life…habits which we formed not only in this lifetime, but in lifetimes past, and change is scary!

In the old energy we gave our power away…to doctors when we were sick to give us medicine to make us recover, to the government for making life difficult, to partners who ‘made’ us unhappy.  We became victims of our emotions.

In this new energy we are being called to let go of old patterns that have been our way of being in the world.  We truly are, as Gandhi said, the change we want to see in the world… in every aspect of our lives.  We are better educated, so we have the means to stay well and avoid disease.  We are also being called upon to expose corruption at the highest levels by the power of the people, but charity begins at home, so we need to start with the self.

What if ageing didn’t have to mean aches, pains and the onset of disease?  It doesn’t, you know, even with diseases that appear to ‘run’ in families.  There is ample and mounting evidence that it is our emotional habits (which also run in families) that signal certain genes to react in certain ways, creating disease *.  Scientists are at the cutting edge of research that proves that past traumas get stored in our bodies in the very DNA of our cells.  This is a peculiarity of this hybrid life we lead as a spirit inhabiting a  corporeal body on this planet, and it’s what the Bible was referring to in stating that the ‘sins’ of the fathers would get passed on to the next generations.  But in this context don’t take the word ‘sin’ to mean a bad act.  It is a much broader term that encompasses trauma, habitual emotional patterns and circumstance.  img_5945-12

We are not doomed, however gloomy this picture may seem. It is possible to liberate our bodies from the past, in fact science is now discovering that we can actually change our very DNA by our ways of thinking.  What if Jesus (and Buddha, and other enlightened beings) was here on this earth demonstrating how to do this through devoting himself to prayer and meditation?  What if, when asked by his disciples to ‘show us the way’ he actually said ‘I AM is the way’? as if, in being  in the true sense of the word he was showing us that it is possible to be ‘in the world but not of it’, meaning that if we focus on the corporeal we are missing the point. What if ‘sin’ is just a word that actually means living totally in the world of the material body and disconnected from the Divine within?  Then ‘living in sin’ takes on a completely different meaning.  (And that means that this isn’t referring to being pious, but to focussing on keeping our energy positive).

And what if, in this new energy we are actually being given assistance to be able to do this? If we actually focus on energy, rather than matter, as Dr Joe Dispenza espouses, we have found ‘the truth that sets us free’ because we free our energy to maintain a healthy electromagnetic field around our bodies, instead of burning it all being stuck in addictive emotions.

Addictive emotional states are common to the human condition.  As an example, think about people you know who are addicted to ‘being the martyr’.  Often teachers are affected by this malaise.  It goes like  this: I can’t possibly take a day off (even though I’m totally drained and exhausted and have nothing in my emotional tank left to give) because the students/other staff couldn’t possibly function without me.  (This is a ruse of the egoic body to keep you stuck in your pattern and assume more importance than is actually the case).

I then become completely run down, eat sugary foods like they are going out of fashion to try and feel energised, fail to exercise because I’m exhausted (both of which cause me to put on weight), and drink coffee to try and give myself some energy (playing havoc with my digestive and adrenal systems).  I also tend be judgemental and gossip about other people, because I’m wrung out and at the end of my patience, or habitually complain about the state of the world (thus getting further run down and disconnected from who I really am because all this focussing on the negative is depressing).

This all serves the egoic body’s purpose of keeping my focus on the corporeal.  It further clouds our perception so we can’t see who we really are.

‘I’ can also be the type who becomes embroiled in a codependent, unfulfilling, dysfunctional primary relationship which keeps both parties stuck, stifled and unable to grow, because ‘I’ can’t possibly leave the relationship because the other party won’t cope if ‘I’ do (another ruse of the egoic body because it’s scary stepping into the unknown and facing the self-love issues that keep you avoiding intimacy).  ‘I’ can even spend inordinate amounts of time in a state of longing for someone else to make it better.  ‘If only circumstances were different I might find happiness with. (insert name)..’, which you know isn’t going to happen anyway.  The daydreaming becomes a way to make the untenable situation bearable, so the egoic body doesn’t have to change!  What you actually long for is a loving, healthy relationship, but that becomes a scarier prospect as you get older, because you have all this negative emotional energy stored in your body from past failed relationships, and, truth to tell, it probably all can be traced back to a childhood experience in which you felt you had to sublimate your emotional needs, and were made to feel that your emotional needs weren’t really legitimate (the real cause of the martyr syndrome).

Guess who the buck stops with?  Oh you can carry on the way you always have, bumbling your way into the diseases that ‘run’ in your family, (cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure…) or you can take the time to examine who you are in the habit of being before  you get the disease stage, and be determined that your higher self…the Divine, intuitive you… becomes the driver of your life (Einstein’s ‘sacred gift’) and the ego/intellect assumes its rightful role of Einstein’s ‘faithful servant’.  To put it another way you become the observer of your thoughts and feelings and actively choose how you want to respond instead of letting them drive you.

You can go back to that child whose emotional needs weren’t met and be the one who meets those needs.  But more than this, you can also take on that childhood innocence again and actively ‘forget’ who it is that your egoic body says you are.  Children live in the moment and keep their hearts open.  They are also in a constant state of wonder about life.  Jesus said that we must become as children to enter the kingdom of heaven.  What if that kingdom is here, and in learning to forget ourselves, to trust in the God inside, be in the moment with an open heart and not be in control is the way of that path?  ( I haven’t yet read it, but I believe Anita Moorjani (author of her autobiographical account of a near-death experience, ‘Dying To Be Me’) has just released a book posing this question).

In simple terms what it actually boils down to is learning to fall in love with yourself… the Divine, beautiful, magnificent you.  This can seem a difficult task at first if you don’t have the first clue about how to go about it. ‘I love myself’ I hear you say. ‘I make sure I have a massage and spa every couple of weeks.  I eat really healthy foods.  I exercise’.  Sorry!  This is pleasure and care, not love.

True self love involves having the discipline to wrest control of your life away from your egoic body.  And it won’t go quietly!  You will have to drag it, kicking and screaming, and you will have to do it repeatedly, until one day, weeks or months later, it finally succumbs. And when this happens you will feel only relief…in both your egoic body and in your Divine self.  ‘And you will  know the truth, and the truth will set you free’ – the Bible, Book of John 8:32…free from the tyranny of addictive emotions, free from the way of life that leads to family diseases, and free to relate openly on an intimate level.

Wouldn’t you rather have that?**


*See Dr Bruce Lipton’s book ‘The Biology Of Belief’,  ‘You Are The Placebo’ & ‘Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself’ by Dr Joe Dispenza,  Dr RudolphTanzi ‘Super Brain’ and this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LKFOiC8wag&feature=youtu.be&inf_contact_key=e18e1106d1d2f769ad7f8999858c9e8fa1c08eb499371c63c7e)

Your Mission, Creative Lightworker…

**I highly recommend Dr Joe Dispenza’s workshops to initiate this change.




On creativity, connection, vulnerability and competition

Still relevant…


There’s a new energy in the world that is noticeably different. And if we want to survive in the new world that is emerging, we are going to have to break out of the old energy of competition, and learn the new way of connection and cooperation.
For those of us who are old souls, this is quite a daunting prospect! We want this. We have longed for it in many lifetimes, as well as in this one. But the prospect of it seems too good to be true! Many times we may have tried to communicate this need only to be tortured, persecuted, ridiculed or even killed not only for our beliefs, but for who we are. Our meekness has been looked upon as weakness. So not only are we very wary, we have to some extent given up.
Old souls have developed two main ways of dealing with…

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It’s All About The Light

Any visual artist who paints realistic representations of the natural world will tell you that to be successful you have to be able to find just the right light.

It’s the light that makes or breaks the painting.  It adds the ‘wow factor’.  Light well-depicted will cause the observer to see ordinary everyday objects with fresh eyes.  Light creates contrast.  But more than that, it enables us to SEE!  Without light there might as well be nothing there.

Australian artist, Margaret Olley’s work is on display at the Tweed Regional Gallery in northern NSW in an exhibition titled “It’s all about the light” and if you search the net there are numerous photographers proclaiming that ‘It’s all about the light’.   There are even books marrying art, religion and philosophy titled ‘It’s All About The Light’. They are onto something!

If you don’t give it careful thought, the significance of this phrase could be lost on you. ‘Of course’, you say,’that’s obvious’, and your thoughts do what they normally do and get busy with some other distraction.

But your thoughts are a product of your analytical mind –  your ego. And of course it wants you to stay distracted. If you really got it your ego would be playing second fiddle to your intuitive mind. Because YOU are the light.

Each one of us is divine. Not our egos but our true selves;  our higher selves. The divinity is the light within us. People over the centuries from different faiths have recognised this mystery to a greater or lesser degree, but in the old energy we only ever got fleeting glimpses of this truth, hence its mystery.

I am reminded of a Jackson Browne song in which he speaks of ‘the light that’s lost within us’.  Herein lies an  important germ of truth… it’s been lost within us because our focus is always outside of us in the material world. Our egos are expert at keeping us distracted by politics, gossip, what’s in the news, busynessanything but the truth of who we are.  The truth is that we are magnificent, and the ego finds that extremely scary!

When we are connected to that divinity within time has no meaning, our identity  (ego) gets lost and we feel energised, uplifted and ‘in the flow’, an interesting term because studies of brainwaves of people in this state show that the waves actually become synchronised and flow together*.  This is the place from which peak creativity springs. And interestingly, it is a place where being is more important than doing. Creative artists know this place well, but they don’t always recognise the divinity within it. We all know artists whose egos have mistakenly taken the glory!  (See previous post Your Mission, Creative Lightworker…).

If we go within, quieten the mind and rely on our inner strength  we have a greater chance of connecting to our light, our divinity,  because we have freed ourselves from exterior distractions.  Dr Joe Dispenza describes this process as becoming more wave than particle, becoming more energy than matter, but it requires taming your ego into taking its rightful role…that of Einstein’s faithful servant to the intuitive mind, the sacred gift, (How to go with the flow of changes when they happen. ) and that requires conscious effort.

We all know of truly inspirational people who appear to have been able to stay connected to their divinity –  Jesus Christ,  Buddha, and Gandhi to name a few, and all of these people exercised discipline over their egos, and spent time in meditative practice.

There are people alive now who have been able to effect miracles in their own lives because they’ve learned how to tune into their inner divinity.  Often it takes a life crisis to force us into that place where we will make the effort to tame the ego and tune into the divine, but when we do we are surprised by joy.  We transcend fear and connect to love.

Jacques Lusseyran happens upon this phenomenon and accounts it in the story of how, in losing his sight as an eight year old he came to truly see.  (See his book ‘And There Was Light’).  Rather than being the worst  thing that could have happened to him, it opened his life to possibilities that had previously not existed. But here are his words:

‘…At this point some instinct-  I was almost about to say a hand laid on me- made me change course. I began to look more closely, not at things, but at a world closer to myself, looking from an inner   place to one further within, instead of clinging to the movement of sight towards the world outside.  Immediately the substance of the universe drew together…I was aware of a radiance emanating from a place I knew nothing about; a place which might as well have been outside me as within.  But radiance was there, or to put it more precisely, light.  I felt indescribable relief, and happiness so great it almost made me laugh…I found light and joy at the same moment and I can say without hesitation that from that time on light and joy have never been  separated in my experience.’

It is interesting to note that he does say that there were times  when the light faded. In his words:

It happened every time I was afraid…Anger and impatience had the same effect, throwing everything into confusion…When I was playing with my small companions, if I suddenly grew anxious to win, to be first at all costs, then all at once I could see nothing…I could no longer afford to be jealous or unfriendly because, as soon as I  was, a bandage came down over my eyes…But when I was happy and serene, approached people with  confidence and thought well of them, I was rewarded with light’.

All the traits that  Lusseyran speaks of as making the light disappear are characteristic of the ego.

In the same way the latter work of Australian artist Lloyd Rees, completed in his eighties, once he began losing his sight, is perhaps his most luminous and inspiring because, lacking detail, the most prominent feature in the work is the light.  His loss of physical sight caused him to eliminate the extraneous clutter and cut to the essence of his subject. It’s almost as if in executing his paintings he was living out a very important metaphor as he approached the end of his life, as if ,as time was running out, he captured what really mattered.

And Vicky Wall, the founder of the Aura Soma Colour Care system for the soul, only came up with her inspiration – the vibrant, light-filled colours of the Aura Soma system –after she lost her physical power of sight.  Vicky  also talked about the importance of listening to her ‘inner tuition’ as she called it!

It would seem that all of those websites proclaiming ‘It’s all about the light’ are perhaps unknowingly echoing a profound truth that actually has nothing to do with our physical power of sight and is not just about art or photography.  The whole point of living life to the full, in all its abundance, is the light.  And the light is within.  The more time we spend becoming quiet and ‘tuning in’ to our intuitive minds, the more we connect to it. It’s the opposite of the busy way of life that’s portrayed in the media, but this is the truth that can set us free!




  • See the studies conducted by Dr Joe Dispenza.

Your Mission, Creative Lightworker…

So you’re a creative! You have a mission, you know.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with your ego.  You love that space of ‘being in the flow’.  It feels right.  If you’ve been following this path for a while, you’ll know that creativity often comes in cycles.

But what if it flowed ALL the time?

There are very few creatives who could say that they are in the flow all the time, but in the past those who’ve appeared to be that way have been a little unbalanced in other aspects of their lives, notably their relationships with others.  Most creatives have very productive periods followed by dry periods.  Has it ever occurred to you that the source of your creativity is the Source of all, and because of our imperfect world, we haven’t been able to stay tuned into it all the time?  You need to keep plugging back in to the Source to get re-charged.

Creativity is a wonderful thing because it truly is a god-like attribute.  This is why musicians egos often get out of hand.  When they ‘tap in’ they feel the flow, but their egos interpret this as somehow being from them. This is why many musos become unbalanced; because on some unconscious level they sense the god-connection and long for it, but they haven’t brought it to consciousness to realise how it works, or that it doesn’t originate from them.  Many of them have personalities that like to push the boundaries and question the status quo, which, if they were constantly connected to Source, would be a good thing because they would then be causing society to question the way it accomplishes things.  This is part of the mission, or job description of creatives.  Where they come unstuck is that they are not conscious of their connection with Source, and when it’s not always there, they view it as some kind of personal flaw.  Often the next step is to turn to substance abuse, or just anger, which stems from the insecurity of the ego.

Creatives have a special job: to remind everyone of the divinity inside.  The idea is to remind everyone so they stay connected. If everyone was connected and stayed that way think what a beautiful world it would be!  The state of being ‘in the flow’ is deeply meditative.  When we are like that the boundaries of self melt, and the ego is forgotten. The trouble with the way things presently are is that creatives have forgotten their job-description. In the old energy it was only ever possible for most creatives to break through the amnesia that was entailed in being on this planet in sporadic bursts.  There were some who were capable of more sustained focus, but this took such single-mindedness in the old energy that it caused them to be unbalanced in many other parts of their lives.  The old energy kind of thwarted it.

This energy you’re now in is different!  It allows for flow and connection if you are but willing to go within and tune into the Divine and become conscious.  The beautiful part is that now, if you do this, the rest of your life doesn’t have to be unbalanced.  You really can have EVERYTHING you want as long as you are prepared to stay tuned into Source.  (And when you do that what you want is true to your higher self, not your ego).

Think about the world you grew up in.  The reason anyone who excelled in the arts was lauded was because something deep in the subconscious of everyone else recognised the connection to Source and longed for it, because that’s the way human beings were designed to live.  It’s the same with people who excel in sport.  The physical strength and ‘poetry in motion’ of toned muscular, beautiful bodies is also an expression of divinity.  But in the same way the egos of those concerned can get carried away, take the glory and miss the point.

Egos are necessary. They are designed to keep the physical body safe and to be a helper to the soul in surviving on the planet…end of story!  And the intellect is a special tool to bring to consciousness the knowledge of the soul.  In the old energy there was a thick barrier between the soul and the intellect, which was very difficult to penetrate, so the ego had a field day!  Now you are being bombarded with ‘love bombs’ to help you remember, as part of the new energy!

So what does all this mean? One could go on about the other ways in which people become caught on the pieces of life, like over-eating and becoming overweight, but remember that all of them are just people acting out their sub-conscious distress at being disconnected from Source. And the thickness of the ‘wall’ between their souls and their intellects prevents them even becoming aware that this is what’s going on.  As a lightworker, an old soul, NOTHING has been random in your life.  Now you are feeling the new energy you have the opportunity to fit the pieces together. You are the among the first to feel the new energy, because your job is to be a way-shower.  Society will tell you the way to ‘make it’ in your chosen creative field, but that’s the way for the broken ones to pander to their egos.

Stay humble, stay tuned into your intuition and listen for directions!  You have the capacity through your strengths, some of which have been mis-construed as weaknesses by others, to truly show non-judgemental forgiveness, compassion and expression of divinity if you stay plugged in to Source.




Expect The Best!

As I write this the energy feels palpably different. There is a wonderful air of great expectation, as if we are fizzing like champagne bubbles. Those of us who’ve been grappling with old demons over the past few years have almost reached the end.

Hold on!  You are almost there!

I know so many lightworkers for whom major life changes are unfolding, or about to unfold. For many it’s a time of closing old chapters, but the page is not quite turned to the new one. Numerologically, I’m told, it’s a nine year…a year for endings and beginnings.

It’s our time to fully awaken. If you’ve been doing the work, the last of the weights that have held you back are about to be released; even those you came into the world with this time round!  For some of you, it’s been a long time coming, but this is the reason you chose to incarnate now.  If you have more work still to do, keep trusting.

Use the power of your intuition.  Tune into it to guide you through the more rapid rate of change you will now experience, and trust that the Divine in you knows the direction to take.  THIS is the Truth that will set you free.

And sing!  And dance!  And explore your creativity!  It’s a wellspring from your intuition. And yes, it’s ok to open your heart now!  Stand in your power, oh beautiful, meek ones, it’s your time to inherit the earth.  What you’ve always felt as your vulnerability is an infinite source of great strength*.

There are many avatars who came to this world to teach us how to tune into the Divine within, but people mistook them either for a God who came to earth as a messenger, or some freak of nature. They were all gentle, compassionate and slow-to-anger. Their message was that WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for! They gave us shining examples of how to do this.  Now, in this new energy, it is much easier for us to access that inner Divine.  We live in exciting times!

*If you need more convincing, go to this TED talk by Brene Brown about it: https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability?language=en

Trust The Process

La Que Sabe

You’d think we could learn a lesson once, but no…often it takes more than a few times ’round to actually assimilate the same content. We should learn from the process of art-making…

I love to make art. I get lost in the process of it.  It’s a meditative experience.  I can go hours, totally absorbed in the making of an artwork, and forget to eat or even visit the toilet!  Sure I’m happy to have result at the end, but the special magic is in the actual process of the making.

The above collograph print is a perfect example. When I began it I wasn’t sure how it would end up looking, but that for me is the magic of collograph prints. It’s like some alchemical sorcery that happens once you dare to begin.  All I knew was that I wanted to have a wolf as the main subject, as I was fixated with wolves, having just read Clarissa Pinkola Estes book, ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves’. ( I can recommend it highly!)

I drew the rough outline on the card, and cut the straight lines into the board with a sharp paper knife. The background is crinkled tissue paper glued on, with some pieces of string for accents. Then I wandered outside to the pond for some inspiration for the wolf’s fur and happened upon some duck down…perfect!

Once I’d finished the collage I sealed it and then began the process of printing off it. I love the way the textures of the various substances on the collage come out in the print just from the differing depth & intensity of the ink. And it’s a joyful surprise to see the final print!

Recently I’ve been revisiting some life lessons I thought I’d learned. One in particular that keeps revisiting me is to trust in the process of life, even if I don’t know what the outcome will be. It’s like the art-making isn’t it? It’s learning to enjoy the journey of life and let go and trust in your intuition and the process. I guess it’s the same as that old idea of learning to feel the joy in the sweeping (with your broom, that is!)

So take heart, Old Soul! We are all wonderful artworks in progress, living through our making.  All perfect. All Divine.  All connected through this common, but alchemical process!